The ultimate in preservation and conservation. 

We have all been inundated with prophecies of gloom, doom and extinction.  To the point where most people throw their hands up in despair and feel helpless against such daunting predictions and end up hoping for the best, a miracle, or it will all reverse itself naturally. 


However, island people have a special affinity with the sea.   for thousands of years we have depended upon the seas abundance for survival and recreation.    Many of the factors involved in the decline of our planet are not entirely islanders fault.  They are not huge contributors to the carbon footprint that creates global warming which then creates nasty weather systems like hurricanes to cool the effects of global warming.  Nor do they make the sea more acidic or create rises in sea level.  most islanders are primarily victims to the whims of the industrialized world needs for comfort.  

Island people are so blessed to have access to our beloved sea, there are many people on the planet who have never seen the magnificence of a wave breaking, or the beauty of a coral reef or felt the thrill of a fish on the end of their line. Sadly that is why much of the world’s focus is not on preserving our oceans, but rather what they can extract from the sea.  Bear in mind coral reefs can be considered the cradle of life for the sea, without them every creature is lost to us. 

In march 2010 the reefs of Taveuni, Fiji, including the ones in front of makaira, sustained some significant damage from the storm surf from hurricane Tomas.  Shortly after the hurricane a guest happened by named Scott Putnam and he knew how to coral garden, so we accosted him and dragged him out to the reef to show us how it is done.  It is a commonly held belief to never touch coral or you will kill it, so coral gardening is something that many people wouldn’t consider as an option.   It turns out under these circumstances one is much better off touching it since corals have a 90% rate of survival if you plant as opposed of a 90% rate of death if you leave them. 

The results have been spectacular and reef gardening has become our passion.  So any of our guests that would like free lessons, or to plant a section of their own, we are more than enthusiastic to give them a hand and answer any questions that we can about the reef.  

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